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The Top 100 Videogame Music of Ixzion's Soul - #100-91
By: Ixzion | Published: December 4, 2013 08:57 am | Gaming


I was inspired by SarahsKnight's topic of a similiar nature to not only post some of the best VG music from my life, but also beat the hell out of his list. Where he had 60, I have 100 songs!

I decided that each game may only have 1 song (I did this, but cut two too many and two games have 2 songs).

In ordering, I started with my top 50 and said to myself "If I wanted to make a top 10, which of these could never be out of the top 10?" and kept going down by 10s until the list was completed.

This list was probably the hardest I've ever had to make in life. So many games have ridiculous amounts of fantastic music that it's almost a disservice to VG music not to include them. Alas, I went with my gut for a lot of this music and picked the ones that appealed to me more at the moment. Some of your favorites will be here, some won't. You may even be surprised at some of the picks.

Don't expect this to be as RPG-heavy as SK's, though. I play action, platformers, etc., as well.

After the jump, I will start the countdown of 100 pieces of music.

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Super Adventure Island - Welcome to Super Adventure Island

Welcome to the list. First up is the intro stage from Super Adventure Island! I love how the whistles get you hyped up for Master Higgins crackin' some skulls for messing with his chick.

Thunder Force III - Haides

In the vein of R-Type and Gradius, this game is a side-scrolling spaceship shooter that is, of course, hard as a brass tack. You will die again and again as you try to make your way a little bit more into the level and remember what’s coming up ahead. Thankfully, you’ll have jammin’ tracks to pass the time. This one occurs on planet Haides. I still haven’t beaten it, but I mess around just to hear the music.

Power Stone - Londo Stage

This was the first track I heard in Power Stone, the go-anywhere beat-em-up game by Capcom. Love how the theme just drives the wild on-screen action of launching missiles at your opponents.

Castlevania: Dracula X - Stage 1 - Bloodlines

Another intro level stage music (these are just fantastic most of the time) gets your butt in gear to slay the hordes of the undead amidst a burning city.

Aero the Acrobat - Circus Act 3

A game that too few played. This game is pretty damn hard, but it's not impossible. On the other hand, I haven't made it past World 1.... That said, I've loaded this up many a day to listen to the soundtrack, which is awesome and circus-based. The video above has a someone playing the stage this music shows up on.

Super Princess Peach - Giddy Sky 1

This is one I'm sure a lot of the Mag has NOT played (or other gamers for that matter). The game is admittedly very easy, but the playing itself was actually a good deal of fun. And music like this was why.

Ninja Gaiden II - Act 2-2

I remember getting to this stage and just chillin'. I didn't really invest much effort getting past here and you'll see why. A windy, rainy stage with a badass ninja character. What's not to love?

Batman - Return of the Joker - Act 1-1

Imagine turning on your Batman game and hearing THIS coming out of the TV. Holy crap! Da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da-da-da!

Tetris Attack - Forest Stage

What a relaxing song. While it doesn't stay that way when you're fighting for your life (from blocks) all the time, while it lasts, this song can almost put you to sleep, in the good way.

Goldeneye 64 - Facility

A very cool secret agent song. It really makes you feel like you're doing covert ops. Be careful not to hum it aloud, James.


Click here to see part 2.

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Draygone wrote:
This has over 5000 views, now. Allow me the privilege of being the first to say...

(Also, why no u put Halo here? =P)

He must be some casual.
C0re gamers HALO all day
May 13, 2014 10:08 am


This has over 5000 views, now. Allow me the privilege of being the first to say...

(Also, why no u put Halo here? =P)
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