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March 10, 2016

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July 24, 2016



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Summary: You wake up disoriented in a mysterious realm. As you explore your fragmented memories, you will unlock achievements and add pages to your journal, which in turn helps you to recollect your past. Scripted completely from scratch, this game features innovative game mechanics, a customizable menu system, achievements, rumble feedback, and a polished presentation.

03-20-16 Update:
1] Fixed a few grammatical and spelling errors.
2] Minor adjustments made to journal.
3] Added new setting in Lights Off to choose puzzle complete animation.

06-26-16 Update:
1] The VFX and control scheme for the journal has changed in Campfire Souls, and a glitch that rarely would prevent the page number from displaying in the journal was fixed.
2] The Switch Hunters' unique menu option Display Map has been changed to Fast Travel. Now you can instantly warp to any one of the 10 available areas, as well as check each area's clear status and best score. You will now spawn at a predetermined location in the most recently visited area when re-loading Switch Hunters at a later time (instead of always spawning in the first area). The HUD has been adjusted to include the current area's best score. Current area's step counter will now max out at 999; total step counter will continue to accumulate indefinitely, though.
3] In Senseless Maze, an issue was fixed regarding the maze generator which prior to the fix, would generate a few walls at different impassable heights.
4] Lights Off now has two new settings to display current puzzle's move count and/or best score. Also, current puzzle's move counter will now max out at 999.
5] Added Sequencer, a fully featured beats/music sequencer, in the Games menu. It features: Five sequences, with each sequence consisting of three, 24-frame tracks. 13 instruments to choose from, each with 25 pitch variations. Instruments include piano, organ, flute, ocarina, harp, violin, banjo, guitar, bass, snare, cymbal, drum 1, and drum 2 (altogether, 325 different sounds). Ability to adjust starting and ending frames for each sequence, as well as wait time between frames. Fully functional copy/paste function, with the option to copy/paste a unit, frame, track, or entire sequence. Playback options include unit, frame, sequence, or all five sequences in sequential order. Ability to choose from three different color schemes.
6] Minor adjustments to a few of the help menus for various games. A lot of text was modified to reflect the changes listed above.
7] Standardized and adjusted the alignment of some display VFX.

07-24-16 Update:
1] When customizing menu theme, 2nd and 4th Frame/BG settings no longer affect tint.
2] Adjusted and optimized a few menu themes.
3] Data options are now legible even if message text color is black.

Note: Feedback is highly welcomed. Let me know what you liked and didn't like. It is a Slot00 game. Newest version is always the one that is uploaded. Screenshots may reflect an older version.
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Release Date: July 24, 2016
Latest Update: July 24, 2016

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Comments (3)
March 31, 2016 08:29 pm


Ixzion wrote:
Wow man! This game looks crazy! I'm glad to see RPG Maker 2 still gets some love!

Yeah, I'm one of the few still trying to keep RPGM2 alive. My game's custom menu system is pretty cool, and there are a lot of other unique things in the game like active battle systems, and other stuff I haven't seen done before with the software. Thanks for noticing! Also, thanks for keeping this website alive so that I have somewhere to showcase and share my hard work!
March 31, 2016 08:28 pm


This comment was deleted by the user or an admin.
March 31, 2016 11:35 am


Wow man! This game looks crazy! I'm glad to see RPG Maker 2 still gets some love!
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