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Rules and Privacy
RPG Maker Magazine Rules of Conduct


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1. About RPGM Magazine (Version 6)
2. Forums
3. Chat
4. Site Content
5. Privacy

1. About RPGM Magazine
Version 6 of RPG Maker Magazine (the Mag) introduces a model which separates the site into three different areas: Content, Forums, Chat. If you are banned from one of these three areas, you are banned from all of them. Please keep this in mind.

Unacceptable behavior on the Mag is tracked using a warning system.

1st Warning = Warning for Ban
2nd Warning = 2nd Warning for Ban
3rd Warning = 30 Day Ban.

If you return from a 30 day ban and continue to be problematic, you will be permanently banned. Bans may be appealed (PM Head of Forums), but not all will be reversed.

Good behavior over months will prompt the removal of warnings. It is up to moderator discretion.

2. Forums

On RPGMM's boards, you are free to post as you wish as long as you follow the rules below. Each forum has a description. Please pay attention to these and try to post content in the correct place.

The following are offenses that will result in warnings:

Bypassing the swear filter (1 warning per offense)
A willful attempt to circumvent the swear filter.

Creating Multiple Accounts (1 warning per offense)
When not under special circumstances, the creation of multiple accounts is not allowed. This rule is upgraded to an immediate IP ban if you do this to bypass a 30 day ban.

Flaming (1 warning each)
A response that is not constructive, does not clarify a discussion, and does not persuade others. Attacking someone weither it is provoked or not. If there is an issue in the forums, contact the Head of Forum.

Continuing discussion of a locked thread (1 warning per offense)
Once a thread is locked, there is to be no other discussion regarding it. You may PM any mods or admins you like to make a case against it, but making additional threads or posts about it will result in a warning.

Posting PMs publically (1 warning per offense)
PMs are to remain private. If there are issues happening through PMs, you may forward them to an admin or the Head of Forums.

Linking to vulgar sites (1 warning per offense)
A site that displays, in graphic detail, pornography or real death. Shock sites (goatse, etc) are included in this.

Discussion of RPG Maker Piracy (2 warnings per offense)
The discussion or linking to any RPG Maker pirated from Enterbrain or Agetec is not allowed.

3. Chat

The chat is an extension of the forums. All rules that apply to the forums also apply to the chat. But along with warnings, you may receive a thirty minute ban. If you find that there is an issue in the chat and there are no admins or mods around, take a screen shot and PM it to one. Aside from the forum rules, there is only one chat specific rule:

Flooding or Spamming (30 minute ban)
Do not purposefully spam the chat with repeated messages or repeated emoticons. If you come back from a thirty minute ban and continue, it could lead to full day ban or eventually a IP ban.

4. Site Content

Version 6 of the Mag provides users with the ability to add content to "The Magazine" freely. You will also be able to use the site to upload your RPG Maker games, upload images (with iMAGine 2.0), and created a centralized home for your Let's Plays. With it comes certain responsibilities. An example is that there is no swear filter for site content. Please use moderation without this restriction. If you get out of hand, corrective actions will be taken, and you may lose your Trusted Editor status (if you have received this).

Uploading porn or disturbing images (files deleted and 1 warning per offense)
iMAGine is designed to upload images for your RPG Maker games, or for articles you write for The Magazine. Uploading pornographic material or disturbing images will not be tolerated. Also, do not upload images with watermarks from other gaming sites. These files will also be deleted.

Uploading files that aren't RPGM Magazine-related (files deleted and 1 warning per offense)
Uploading any files that aren't directly related to RPGM Magazine activity to the RPG Maker Vault is unacceptable.

Linking to videos on YouTube that aren't yours without permission (LP deletion and 1 warning per offense)
If you created an LP at the site with videos that aren't yours and you don't have permission, you will receive a warning.

Inappropriate articles (deletion of article and 1 warning per offense)
Articles are supposed to be relevant to gaming in some way. using the article system to post things off topic, inappropriate, or problematic could result in the article being deleted. An admin or mod will give you a chance to correct problems if there happens to be one if the event arise.

5. Privacy

Administrators have full access to your personal IP Address. If you are found to have broken one or more of the Board Rules, as concluded by an administrator, that administrator may make your IP address public as a form of proof. Additionally, any content you upload to the site may be viewed by a site administrator for appropriateness.

More rules will be added as needed.