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 Rating - Teen

RPG Maker 2


Fantasy, Action

October 15, 2023

Latest Update
July 9, 2024



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You were a Baby delivered from the clouds who's now grown up. Due these circumstances, your freedom was a scarcity in your youth. Now is your time to venture out into the Empiric terrains and learn the land's secret history to find your way above the clouds.

- Dynamic choices made will affect your stats
- Gain a party of up to 5 unique, developing Allies
- CPU-controlled ally will help in action rpg combat
- Purchase any 10+ combinations of Magics to use!
- Visually focused level design
- Over 40 different enemies and a Bestiary
- ... And so much more!

Saves on save File #0 on RPGM2. Unzip the file to play, and use the guidebook if you get stuck or want to optimize your choices.

The game's code to unlock is given at the end of the game and also in the Guidebook if you want to check under the hood a little early~

-Ver.2.0. UPDATE: Fixed bug with magic targeting
Removed optional cutscene soft lock
-Ver.3.0. UPDATE: Rebalanced enemies and dialogue
Fixed revival position
Fixed Magic targeting
Slightly smarter enemies
Fixed final fight loop
-Ver.3.1. UPDATE: Fixed Ally starting Magic ability
-Ver.4.0. UPDATE: Adjusted Magic Growth Speed
Adjusted All Equipment Stats
Added notes for equipment types
Changed some cutscene text
Enemy balancing
Fixed Encounters and scene warps
-Ver.5.0. UPDATE: Enemy flow and damage range edited
Items tell you which slot they use
Fixed Battle BGM when losing
Minor music edits
Player HP Meter is a slider
Lower encounter rate
Fixed Post-battle recovery
Fixed Warding Cape Encounters
-Ver.5.1. UPDATE: Minor Text error fixes
-Ver.5.2. UPDATE: Fixed intro choices
Fixed Minor graphical error
-Ver.5.3. UPDATE: Rebalanced hit stun
-Ver.6.0. UPDATE: Fixed mine kart follow glitch
Edited text for character
-Ver.7.0. UPDATE: Fixed warp glitches in final area
Added ALLY death gameplay effect
Made mini-game less random
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Release Date: July 9, 2024
Latest Update: July 9, 2024

Filesize: 1 MB
Downloads: 5

Memory Cards: 1
Memory Card Slot: 0
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