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Promising Games of 2008
By: Ixzion | Published: December 10, 2007 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


As we get nearer to 2008, we can look back and notice that there wasn't especially much output from the RPG Maker community. Well, at least in the thought of full game releases.

While you might think that it would be the waning interest in RPG Maker, I believe you would be incorrect. I would say that we're going to see a nice boom in RPG Maker releases next year.

Don't believe me? Why don't you check out this list of promising games for 2008?

Hit Me Up - Dev: Zane Deadreich
Genre - Fantasy
System - RPG Maker 3
Rating - Teen
Contains strong language which may offend some.
Adult oriented innuendos.
Not recommended to anyone with little to dry senses of humor; it is tongue in cheek and satirical.

Synopsis - A fantasy realm where all is not as it would seem, and that which seems to be what it is, is also to be taken with a grain of salt. This particular story revolves around an unlikely group of 10 Mercenaries who set out to make a profit through the trials and tribulations of their hard work including posting up flyers to get themselves some recognition, the arduous hours of finding a teammate's missing brain, as well as much not-yet-written toilet humor ready to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting heroes as they stumble their way into your playstation 2 & 3 consoles and break a few records with having certain words included in the
dialogue more times than a Quentin Tarantino film. Get out your goggles, this ride is only going to get more messy the further into it you go.

Target release date - April - June 08

Holy-Chaos: Prophecies Unleashed - Dev: Lausen
System: RPGM3
Rating: Teen

Synopsis - 400 years before the game actually takes place the planet was filled with wondrous technologies.
It showed in every aspect of life from towns to military even the jobs people preformed.The different empires lived together in harmony, until one empire decided to use
technology to make powerful weapons of war. The others had no choice but to fight back. The war lasted years with no end in sight. Then an unexpected chain of natural disasters wiped out everything. All technology was lost in the chaos. The world's population was greatly decreased.

The Prophecy reads: In the years to come an epic discovery will be made. It will lead to countless battles and a great war will be fought. This discovery will be strong enough to combat the great city. The old will hide in fear and the young will pick up arms and fight for their futures. The world already in this depressed
state will begin to decay and chip away. The body count will only keep rising. Death will be the only escape. The war will continue endlessly until the chosen one rises up to except their fate. A mirage of the past will purify the
planet one way or another In the end much will fall.

Target release date - 2008

SOE: Arc Arath - Dev: L & E Productions
System: RPGM
Rating: Teen

Synopsis - Once every week four college students would meet and have a night to get away from all that life can throw their way in seven days. Everything goes on well till they notice one of their friends ends up missing quite a bit. Upon their realization, something unexpected happens: They get caught up in a fight with an unknown person who knows more about them than they think. Amidst the battle they get taken from their peaceful life to
another world. Now lost and confused, the three must try to get back home and regain their lives. To do this, they must find the Secret of Everyone.

Target release date - 2008

The God Gene - Dev: Ivan Rosenguard
System: RPGM3
Rating: Mature

Synopsis - A somewhat inconsequential sort of tale,
told from the mind of a 25th century asylum resident
(who would like you to know that he isn't crazy, but soon will be), about how he saw spirits, battled government conspiracies, and might have accidentally killed God.

Target release date - 2008

Chi Legacy: Gaia - Dev: KumoShinagi
System: RMXP
Rating: Teen

Synopsis - After defeating Kamui, saving his father, and restoring the balance of Chi to China, Yuji Ominae has spent his downtime training, traveling and
documenting China's changing geography.

While on his travels, he encounters a ravaged village with one survivor breathing his last breaths. Yuji goes up to the young man and asks him who is responsible for this destruction? The young man never speaks, but hands him a letter. The young man dies. Yuji reads the letter and finds out that the Blue Sun Trading company sent the village an order to leave or parish. Reading this, Yuji now
must find clues to why innocent blood was spilled and at the same time figure out the pattern that's changing China's geography making the islands collide and crumble.

Yuji's second journey begins....

Target release date - 2008 (demo)

That does it for now. Keep your eyes on the Mag for future articles and developments!

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