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The Top 70 Boss Music of Ixzion's Soul - #70-61
By: Ixzion | Published: January 6, 2015 18:08 pm | Gaming


I haven't made a big ol' list in a good while, so I figured that now was the time to do one. I was inspired to create it when I heard one of the most awesome boss themes on YouTube yesterday and I was like "man, games today don't even have boss music like this anymore". I spent lots of time going through my cache of games and reading about games on Wikipedia so I could remember as many games as I could.

I decided that each game may only have 1 song. This is because RPGs often have more than one boss theme.

In ordering, I started with my top 10 and said to myself "If I wanted to make a top 10, which of these could never be out of the top 10?" and kept going down by 10s until the list was completed.

This was a difficult list to create because of the fact that just because a game was good, didn't necessarily mean it would have one of my favorite boss themes. All the songs on this list are based on nothing but how I'm feeling right now in this moment in time. It's not an indictment of the game's quality. Some fan favorites may be way down the line because I just don't care about that song. Don't have a fit because your favorite was too low.

Additionally, this is a list of ONLY the games I have played in my lifetime. If, say for instance, Chrono Trigger didn't appear on this list at all, I wouldn't want someone like Lantis complaining in the manner of a female dog at me for not mentioning his sacred cow. It would mean that I hadn't played it OR I thought it sucked. :p

That said, after the jump, I will start the countdown of 70 pieces of music.

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Super Princess Peach - Bowser 2

Just barely making the list is Super Princess Peach's Bowser theme. It's nice to listen to.

Ape Escape - Galaxy Monkey

The climatic showdown with your intelligent monkey adversary has a kind of reprise of the main AE theme that rubs me the right way.

Mega Man X4 - Boss

Mega Man makes his first appearance on this list, but not last. I like a lot of Mega Man music, but the boss themes aren't exactly my cup of tea. I LOVE stage themes. But, since this is ONLY boss themes, it goes here.

Kirby's Super Star - vs. Meta Knight

It's a pretty low tune, but it conveys all the stakes perfectly. And forces you to use a sword.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose - Duck Vader

The final boss theme from the SNES classic is pretty good. I love the sinister "we're tiny, we're toony" part in it.

Mega Man X3 - Boss

Mega Man makes another appearance this quick? What can I say? I love Mega Man games, but the boss themes are alright.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos - Boss

The beat goes crazy nice on this one. I'm all ready to beat some devil ass when this comes on.

Mega Man IV - Boss

Mega Man 4 has one of the catchiest boss themes in the series. I chalk it up to that da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da bassline.

Sonic Rush - Wrapped in Black (Final Boss)

Sonic makes his first, but not last, appearance on the list. While the majority of new Sonic games suck ass, most of the time you can at least enjoy the music. The final boss theme of this game is quite good, since it's not trying to pretend it's a classic throwback to anything.

Mega Man 2 - Boss

Mega Man makes yet another appearance! I like this boss theme. I hope I haven't made anyone throw a fit of anger yet.


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