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Ten Changed the Game
By: Ixzion | Published: September 3, 2007 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


The RPG Maker series is one of the best things to ever hit the gaming scene. In the 6 years since its arrival on the Playstation, it has been used to create dozens upon dozens of different games and concepts. Creative juices have flowed, and the dreams of gamers who have wanted to create their own unique masterpieces have been manifested.

Though RPG Maker is a fantastic tool, it is also a limited one. Developers have struggled for years against the base set of tools given in the RPG Maker titles and have found and used countless tricks to manipulate the software into creating some of the greatest user-made software in RPG Maker history.

This article, written in celebration of RPGMM's 100,000th hit, is designed to showcase just a sliver of the magnitude of talent that dwells in the RPG Maker community. While few people ever agree with lists, this is only the opinion of one mere mortal (Ixzion). Make sure to read our reviews and our user ratings to find the best games out there by developers! Some developers, when the game told them "Hey, you can't do that!", spit in the game's face and told RPG Maker that it better do what they want. RPG Maker then complied with their demands and that how these games came into being. True story.

Or maybe not. Still, these games break the rules, and that's all that matters.

Bomberman Tournament 2 Special Edition
Developer: EZALB
Genre: Puzzle
Release: April 2003
Rating: Everyone


Why is this on the list?
A Bomberman adventure on RPG Maker? Surely you jest! However, it was no joke, as this game actually did appear on RPG Maker 1. Featuring a games compliment of custom graphics, puzzles featuring Bomberman-style gameplay trademarks, and a decent story, this game shows a taste of the outside-the-box thinking that patient and determined developers use to make the most of out RPG Maker.

Super Metroid Trailing Image Effect
Developer: Mark Soukup
Genre: Tech
Release: July 2002
Rating: Everyone


Why is this on the list?
Who said it had to be a long game? This little tech games opens up just one possibility: more badass-looking teleportation effects! Let's face it: almost everyone's game will probably require SOMEONE to teleport. And this games shows you that you need not necessarily use RPG Maker 1's in-game warp effects to warp characters all the time.

Tabloid: Interview With the Alien
Developer: Shawn Forbes
Genre: Movie
Release: September 2005
Rating: Everyone


Why is this on the list?
This movie is in a class of its own. While many developers have dabbled in the idea of making a movie with RPG Maker, with varying results, Tabloid is the closest to replicating a realistic movie atmosphere. With the power of RPG Maker 2, Tabloid is able to shine with it's dynamic camera angles and backdrops. Yes, you CAN make a good movie with RPG Maker.

Checkers Plus!
Developer: Czechs Mex
Genre: Board Game
Release: October 2002
Rating: Everyone


Why is this on the list?
Everyone surely know that RPG Maker is a format for developers to make 1-player games, isn't it? Well, that thought didn't cross the mind of the Checkers Plus! developer. Checkers Plus! remains the first and only 2-player RPG Maker game in existence. And to top that off, the game adds new modes that expand the traditional checkers formula. The catch to all of this? You have to pass the controller.

Developer: Jugem
Genre: Puzzle
Release: February 2006
Rating: Everyone


Why is this on the list?
Near-flawless Tetris. This game shows off why almost anything you can think of doing is quite possible using RPG Maker 2. In fact, the author believes that just about any old-school type games could be created using RPG Maker 2 (including The Legend of Zelda: Link's Adventure, which, unfortunately, didn't make the list). Videogame conversions have a new benchmark.

Crazy Skating
Developer: Jerbils
Genre: Sports/Comedy
Release: April 2003
Rating: Teen


Why is this on the list?
Tony who? Nah, this doesn't have Mr. Hawk's Pro Skater affiliation on it, but it still shines in the RPG Maker game pool. Who would have ever thought that skating could adapted for RPG Maker? Crazy Skating, filled with tons of level goals and humor, manages to emulate the console experience vaguely, but it's still a blast to play. And it's still the only sports game ever made with RPG Maker 1.

Final Ocean: BLUE
Developer: John Burger
Genre: Tech
Release: 2002
Rating: Teen


Why is this on the list?
Who says your game has to be good, either? This game damn-sure broke the rules, alright: the rules of common sense and not sucking. Granted, that's not the fault of RPG Maker itself, but it's crazy. After a 3-month mass spam advertising blitz of Agetec's forums, claiming that the game was being made by a "professional development team", the result was less than stellar. Never before nor since has anyone been so stupid as to make such a big deal about their own game. And THEN have it suck. The author is certain that anyone who saw that would never do it again. And it's never been done.

Dark Illusions
Developer: Vonwert
Genre: Mystery/Horror
Release: April 2003
Rating: Teen


Why is this on the list?
While many developers treat the story of an RPG with care, the developer of Dark Illusions (not to mention Cursed Desires) took it a step beyond. A story of intrigue, mystery and suspense propels gamers through the lengthy adventure. Dark Illusions gamesnstrates that just because the game is on RPG Maker, doesn't mean it has to have a mediocre narrative.

Remote Control
Developer: Alzar
Genre: Comedy
Release: December 2000
Rating: Teen


Why is this on the list?
In the beginning, everyone looked up to Gobli to determine how to make a good RPG Maker game. That was until Remote Control. Ever since, Remote Control has remained a cornerstone of the RPG Maker community since its inception. Featuring a comedic story and varied, complex minigames, it has remained, regardless of the amount of time that has passed since its inception, one of the pinnacles of RPG Maker game design. Like an EGM winner should.

Fu-Fu The Acid Trip Bunny
Developer: Dave Carter
Genre: Platformer
Release: August 2001
Rating: Mature


Why is this on the list?
Absolutely no one saw it coming. While all other RPG Maker developers were busy creating their own RPG, the developer of Fu-fu set out to drop a bomb on the RPG Maker community. What a bomb it was. Fu-fu was the first-ever platformer made with RPG Maker. Featuring three different worlds filed with beautiful and bountiful custom graphics and the developer's unique sense of humor, the buzz around the community in the days after its release was amazing. The developer absolutely exceeded all expectations of what an RPG Maker can do. This game is the penultimate rulebreaker of RPG Maker.

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