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The Faith of One
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RPG Maker 2



June 30, 2005

Latest Update
March 10, 2016



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Summary: A traditional RPG with my wife as the main protagonist. She is basically on a quest to rescue me and defeat Satan and his army of false gods. You should be able to enjoy this adventure regardless of your personal and religious beliefs, as I was cautious not to make it too preachy. Roughly 10-15 hours of gameplay if you take the time to complete all of the sidequests and optional content. It is a fairly robust and polished experience that I hope you all will enjoy.

12-21-14 Update:
1] Massive overhaul to the dialog to make it more current, interesting and sophisticated.
2] Major changes to the way that dialog is displayed.
3] Loads of new unlockable content and interactive NPCs. This includes countless sidequests and even hidden bosses that are very challenging.
4] Dozens of new items and equipment with special effects.
5] Body equipment shows up on main character model.
6] CBS elements such as damage text, enemy health/magic (in this game, HP/AP) bars, enemy actions, status effect tags, and an interactive timing component to increase/decrease damage output. Battle damage formula is much more sophisticated and makes good use of the stats for certain added effects.
7] Player can choose a favorite stat to increase after leveling up, which in turn allows the freedom to develop different playstyles.
8] Sequential chest content generator, which causes the content of the chests to increase in value, which in turn prevents a player that is far in progressing the game from opening an old chest with weak and useless items.
9] Graphical/timing adjustments to the animations that are enhanced not only graphically, but with more precise controller vibration feedback as well.
10] All enemy action animations have been adjusted or in some cases recreated with better timing and less frame chopping.
11+] Countless other bug fixes (hundreds, really) that are too many to type here, such as graphical glitches, grammatical and spelling errors, and a few game-breaking glitches.

03-06-15 Update:
1] Attack turn order VFX, which indicates order of attack and who is currently attacking.
2] New Game + feature, which allows you to restart game with a % of base stats (similar to the Disgaea series' inheritance mechanic).
3] Adjusted damage text VFX timing, graphics, and placement.
4] Added a massive bestiary which provides comprehensive details for any enemies defeated.
5] Adjusted some functions for the PDA, such as the ability to calculate up to 9 different numbers in a single string of calculations.
6] Added a few new NPCs, such as Beast (from X-Men) and Mario.
7] Redesigned the main building for the second area, and added numerous extra rooms to explore.
8] Panel passwords for second area are now generated randomly.
9] Redesigned third area to include more caveats to explore.
10] Optimized numerous scripts, and redid some of the graphics, dialog, and functionality for shopkeepers.

03-08-15 Update:
1] Miracle skill now battle only; also, [C] items can now only be used in battle since negative statuses are cured when exiting battles.
2] Increased effectiveness of exploiting elemental weaknesses by 25%.
3] Switched added effect for cameo boss to increase difficulty.
4] Member attack order now has a VFX placement similar to enemy attack order (upper right-hand corner of life display).
5] Member action indicator added (indicates if member is attacking, defending, using a special skill/gift, or using an item).
6] Fixed minor glitch involving the attack order and current instigator.
7] Fixed minor glitch that occurred when the player party or enemy party flees after the member uses a [O]Gold Card.

04-08-15 Update:
1] Made minor adjustments to some of the bosses for the sake of better balancing.
2] Revamped the very last enemy's Special Skill to make it more interactive and interesting.
3] Few minor changes made to some of the dialog.

04-11-15 Update:
1] Fixed glitch in New Game + regarding a particular Special Option remaining unlocked.
2] Changed some color swatches of certain character models.
3] Play-tested New Game + extensively and made a few minor adjustments.

09-23-15 Update:
1] Adjusted some dialog regarding definite and indefinite articles when opening chests.

01-04-16 Update:
1] Minor dialog adjustments and grammatical fixes.

02-14-16 Update:
1] Implemented workaround for hard-coded glitch regarding [A]Cross Choker item's indirect effect.

02-28-16 Update:
1] Added ability to skip introduction sequence by pressing START (especially useful for multiple New Game + cycles).
2] Changed text display for a particular sidequest.
3] Added warning in PDA library book regarding saving the game at the starting position of moving events.

Note: Feedback is highly welcomed. Let me know what you liked and didn't like. It is a Slot02 game. Newest version is always the one that is uploaded. Screenshots may reflect an older version.
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Release Date: February 28, 2016
Latest Update: February 28, 2016

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