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The Top 70 Boss Music of Ixzion's Soul - #50-41
By: Ixzion | Published: January 20, 2015 13:28 pm | Gaming


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This continues the article series on my Top 70! Here's a small recap of what I'm doing:
Ixzion wrote:
I decided that each game may only have 1 song. This is because RPGs often have more than one boss theme.

In ordering, I started with my top 70 and said to myself "If I wanted to make a top 10, which of these could never be out of the top 10?" and kept going down by 10s until the list was completed.

Let's go!

Sonic the Hedgehog – Final Zone

This is it. Once you beat Robotnik this time, he’s kaput once and for all. The theme really tells you “hey, listen, I’m for fucking real this time, bro” and means it. Epic.

Super Mario World - Bowser

Speaking about themes that mean business, Bowser yet again makes sure you know he’s trying to kill you. Very much so. I can still remember the buildup as he came down in his flying clown death machine.

Metal Gear Solid – Duel (.vs Boss)

The stakes are high as Solid Snake squares off against a member of the rogue Foxhound unit! Pulsing and driving to let you know to watch your step.

Super Mario 64 – Ultimate Bowser (Final Boss)

Very spooky song, y’all! The organ is damn amazing and it’s also amazing how menacing it makes Bowser feel this time around! One of my top Mario picks, for sure.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie – Boss

Yes, this song IS boss. It makes me want to don a green suit and start whoopin’ some ass myself!

Plok – Boss

SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS. Listen to this thing. It’s horror movie shit. I’ve never beaten this game, but maybe this theme was why back in the day. It’s still a crazy scary song and when you combine it with the odd-looking bosses…man.

Left 4 Dead - Tank

This theme is also known as the “try again” theme if you’re playing on anything past Normal. How many times has a man’s heart sank upon hearing this ungodly tune?

Streets of Rage – Attack of the Barbarian (Boss)

The song’s name explains it all. The boss is coming! But this is a straight-up JAM son. When I was younger, I would just avoid the bosses so I could keep hearing the music. Yuzo Koshiro is the man!

Sunset Riders – Draw Pilgrim! (Hawkeye Hank Hatfield)

After using a horse to catch up with a train, you come across the base of operations for Hank Hatfield. He says “Draw” and you better do it or die. Awesome classic theme.

No More Heroes – Pleather for Breakfast (.vs Bad Girl)

This insane broad is just one of the many crazy and interesting bosses in No More Heroes. She also has the best theme in the game.


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