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MagCon Prime 2014 announced!
By: Ixzion | Published: December 11, 2013 09:27 am | Site News


MagCon Prime 2014 has been officially announced! This is our 7th MagCon Prime (8 MagCons in total when we count MagCon West) and we couldn't be happier about it!

We're a little later than usual getting this information up, but it's still all good. All the details for this convention are listed after the bump.

March 13-16, 2014

7051 Mccutcheon Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 899-2300

$140, which includes all 4 nights in a shared room as well as dinner for the annual Dinner and a Movie event.

Send a private message to Ixzion in order to make payments. Paypal is currently the best way to send money, but other arrangements can be made, too.

Due date for money:
February 15, 2014

Convention Highlights

RPG Maker Showcase
As always, we welcome all developers to send us your games to play at MagCon Prime! You will be able to receive live feedback on your games as we play them!

Check out 2013's RPGM Showcases on YouTube!

New this year
You may also submit a video, no longer than 90 minutes in length, to Ixzion via PM if you would like to do a Developer Demo of your game. YouTube would be the best for this. Please keep your video unlisted until after your demonstration at MagCon is over.

Videogame Decathlon
The Videogame Decathlon is back once again this year with 10 brand-new games and challenges for our attendees to brawl over. There are plenty of prizes to win as well as a special prize for the Decathlon Grand Champion, as always.

Group MagCast
Started last year by Fayorei, the MagCast will have another special edition at MagCon. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Magic the Gathering
Are you a giant nerd? Of course you are, you're here! We play PLENTY of MTG at MagCon, so don't be the one who says "I shoulda brought my cards"!

Various Board/Card Games
We have plenty of multi-player board and card games to keep us busy during the off hours of the convention, including games like Munchkin and Magic the Gathering.

Dinner and a Movie
As has become tradition, we will once again watch a movie and dine together on the last night of the convention. Usually, we watch bad movies, but not necessarily. Past movies have included RED, RoboGeisha, and The Room.

Final Thoughts
We hope to see you there! Any additional thoughts or suggestions you have, please post them here!

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