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Duel's Favorite Emporium
By: Duel | Published: August 5, 2008 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


When it comes to making RPG's, I'm all over the idea. But when it comes to playing others, I'm up a stream without a life jacket.

I lack the memory cards to play most RPGM1, 2, and 3 games.
But if the games are in PS3 format, then no problem.

So here's a list of my favorite games...on RPG Maker 1.
(psst, sorry but I could only play games that required 1-2 Memory Cards)


Acre-Age was a pretty fun game and the farming system was something I wouldn't know how to do. The antagonist had me chuckling and I basically had a blast.

Bingo's Exxodus

Probably one of the craziest games I've ever played. Bingo has to be my favorite character due to his warped and twisted personality. Though the battles were pretty tough in the Orphanage, the scenes had me laughing out-loud.

Dragon's Edge

As if I could ignore this game. The overwhelming difficulty that required a certain style of play and the hilarious abrupt ending are the reasons why this makes the list.

Fu-Fu The Acid-Trip Bunny

The first side-scroller on RPG Maker. Nice! The creative design gives it a unique look and the custom sprites are great, especially Fu-Fu and his animations. Gameplay-wise, it required trial-and-error but still a fun and enjoyable game.

George W. Bush's Cocaine Quest

Bush is on a quest for the white holy grail! Bush is of course shown as an idiot but he's a very likable character. Featuring humorous dialogue and some great sprites, I recommend this one.

Remote Control

The classic that won EGM's RPG Maker contest. A roller-coaster through parodies of popular t.v. shows with an arcade! Truly a must-play.

Slayers' Reign

The game Draygone has been working for years which might take ANOTHER few years to finish. I'm just kidding Dray. Anyway, the demo blew me away. Great introduction, great story, balanced battles, wonderful characters, and a nice party-switching menu.
GO PLAY IT NOW! Unless... you've already played it.

Smitpok Yes "4" -$

What is this mess? WHAT COULD IT POSSIBLY BE? I just don't know!
Try not to take expired headache medicine, Valk.


Spooky! Survival has a nice Gun system with an interesting story. Just remember that if you are low on ammo and healing items, YOU'RE SCREWED!

Watch Grass Grow

The only game in existence that has put me to sleep. After playing the game for a few minutes I found myself waking up with the same mocking message on the screen. Try to complete the game...I dare you.

That's pretty much it folks. I hope you've enjoyed this article.

Remember, Drive safe, be careful, and always have a careful eye.

Good night!

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