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Let's Play Ys III Renewal
Part 1 of 5
Part 1 of 5

Time to start the long-term project I have of playing through at least one version of every Ys game released beginning with the combination of the Renewal and Rebalanced patches for Ys III: Wanderers from Ys on the Sega Genesis, my first entry into the franchise.

Our journey begins with... a pretty long opening text scroll especially for a 16-bit era game, followed by our arrival in the town of Redmont where we get settled in for less than five minutes before it's time for Adol to do the hero thing and help some trapped miners in the nearby Tigray Quarry.

Then again, anyone familiar with the Ys series can count Adol as lucky given he didn't start out this particular adventure by getting shipwrecked.

Thumbnail art of channel mascot Dyana as Elena by
Ys III Renewal Patch:
Ys III Rebalanced Patch:
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