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Let's Mess Around on Dragon Warrior IV Randomizer
Part 1 of 8
Part 1 of 8

This randomizer was a bit of an exercise in trial and error in attempts to set it up so progress wasn't stymied by excessive Dragon Quest grinding or dealing with trying to figure out who can equip what gear. This is actually the second seed I streamed as the first one failed due to a combination of the above and being unable to find the last item needed for Go Mode.

With that out of the way, we start off with Cristo as our Chapter 1 hero and quickly blaze through it thanks to some generous experience, excellent shops, and a manageable world map. Thus leading straight into Chapter 2 and the journey of Princess Taloon.

I also goofed in my setup so commentary is about 1.5 seconds behind due to forgetting to change the setting after the Mario Kart stream that took place before recording this.

The randomizer can be found here:
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