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Let's Play Trials of Mana
Part 3 of 23
Stream 1 Part 3

Apparently the mysterious ball of light has been hovering over Astoria for multiple nights now and it's nice enough to appear once more as we make our way out of the village to track it down, only to run into a Mana Faerie who immediately hitches a ride in our head so we can take her with us to Wendel.

Also, conveniently timed by the plot trigger is the destruction of the village we were just at. Oops?

Leaving that behind, we enter Cascade Cavern and meet up with our second party member.

Thumbnail art of channel mascot Dyana as Angela by
Name Published
Trials of Mana 23 - Receiving A Seaside Desist Letter2021/10/25 03:35 am
Trials of Mana 22 - Eating At Beuca di Beppo2021/10/21 03:38 am
Trials of Mana 21 - Shady Operations On Deck2021/10/19 03:35 am
Trials of Mana 20 - Manufactured By Matelo Hasbro?2021/10/15 06:06 am
Trials of Mana 19 - Once A Jolly Swagman Camped By A Bilandben2021/10/13 03:43 am
Trials of Mana 18 - Just Not Feeling Like MySylphid Today2021/10/11 03:33 am
Trials of Mana 17 - A Fine Bottle of Domperi'ngon2021/10/7 03:42 am
Trials of Mana 16 - Provided With Amazon Service2021/10/5 12:28 pm
Trials of Mana 15 - Somnosa Kids and Their Dog2021/10/1 07:46 am
Trials of Mana 14 - Jour Kids Candy2021/9/29 06:56 am
Trials of Mana 13 - EnDuran'ce Training2021/9/27 07:06 am
Trials of Mana 12 - The Moor The Merrier2021/9/23 07:48 am
Trials of Mana 11 - Understanding the Dwarven Gnomenclature2021/9/21 05:19 am
Trials of Mana 10 - Hearing Wisperings of Rumors2021/9/17 03:33 am
Trials of Mana 9 - Unbridging the Gap2021/9/15 03:36 am
Trials of Mana 8 - Altena'te Possibilities2021/9/13 03:38 am
Trials of Mana 7 - I've Jadd a Bad Day2021/9/9 03:36 am
Trials of Mana 6 - Full Metal Jacket Hugger2021/9/7 03:44 am
Trials of Mana 5 - Wendel Computers Break Down2021/9/3 05:26 am
Trials of Mana 4 - Don't Hugo Weaving Us Behind2021/9/1 03:35 am
» Trials of Mana 3 - In Soviet Russia, Faerie Books You2021/8/30 03:32 am
Trials of Mana 2 - Astoria Can Tell Me2021/8/26 03:35 am
Trials of Mana 1 - Great Location With Laurent2021/8/24 03:41 am
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