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Getting to know RPGMM - Part 2 - LP Archive
By: Ixzion | Published: October 28, 2013 21:57 pm | Site News


Howdy guys. This is the second part in the series of introducing people to the overall concepts behind the new sections of the Mag. Today, we'll be covering the LP Archive!

If you need a step-by-step breakdown of how to use the tools, please see the Site FAQ.

Your LP Channel

As soon as you upload a single LP (you do need a YouTube account), a LP Channel will be established for you on RPGM Magazine! If you want to refer people to your channel easily, all you have to do is create a link that looks like this:

Which will take you to the latest LP that I have. You can substitute your name for the link and this works just fine.

Channel Message
You can also edit the Channel Message. You can easily let people know the latest goings-on of your channel in this section. You only have one space, so make good use of it.

Categories and Playlists
These two were created for organizing your content.


LP Episodes go INTO a Playlist.
LP Playlists go INTO a Category.

Said another way:

A Playlist is a collection of LP Episodes.
A Category is a collection of LP Playlists.

YouTube does not have the ability to group playlists together nor does it have the ability to show every single piece of LP content that you have in a compact, responsive format with none of the assorted visual noise. If you are interested in seeing ONE user's video collection, it is all on the sidebar.

And if you're wondering how well the site will handled hundreds of LPs on a single channel, check out Lantis' channel, filled with over 300+ videos as of the time of this writing:

Comments on LPs
Comments made in the LP Archive are PLAYLIST-wide. Which means that a comment made on any LP Episode within a playlist are displayed on every video on that playlist.

That wraps up this episode. The finale will be showing up a few days from now: RM Vault!

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