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Let's Race: Punky Skunk
Part 4 of 4
We survived! By the grace of God, we made it. All joking aside, while the game isn't quite what I would call acceptable, I still think it made for a good race as well as for some funny moments. But more importantly, this is the last race we are doing before a huge format change that will begin on the next race. So look forward to that the day after Christmas. Anyways, happy holidays, guys. And as always, thanks again for checking out our video.

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End slate song by Approaching Nirvana
Song: Bangers & Smashed
Name Published
» Let's Race: Punky Skunk - Part 42014/12/19 10:18 am
Let's Race: Punky Skunk - Part 32014/12/12 08:17 am
Let's Race: Punky Skunk - Part 22014/12/5 08:56 am
Let's Race: Punky Skunk - Part 12014/11/28 08:48 am
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