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Review: The Faith of One
By: doyleman | Published: September 3, 2007 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


Well, it was bound to happen at one point at time. I'm not talking about the discovery on how to travel at the speed of light, no, I'm talking about a game based on religion.
Even though it is religious, does that make it a bad/good game instantly?

Well, that's opinion, but this game does get an applaus on the awesome factor from me. Here, you'll be playing as Amy Hubbard, a house wife who gets involved with one of the more unheard of stories, and get dragged into a quest to save Aaron, her husband. Here's my review on Dragaron's Faith of One.

The Presentation, initially, was bad. Black screen, text only showing up, that old nic nac. But after the intro, the game was pretty amazing in presenting itself. Detailed houses, maps, dungeons, and even the small cutscenes here and there help.The only bad show in this game would have to be the intro, which was a simple black screen. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Features a good story (semi cliche plot, however, but it's still nice), and a PDA- in where you can access many functions such as a notepad, calculator, the mini games, and change the background color of your PDA. The game also features a nice easter egg tossed in there, which is... Well, collecting easter eggs!I can't think of a thing here, congrats to Dragaron!

Other than a few grammatical errors, spelling, and occasionally a misused word (example: their for there), this game hit the debugging perfectly. I found nothing that appeared as a glitch or bug.As I've said, only a few minor spelling/word/grammar errors were found.

Even though the game is based on religion, and it has not many custom features, this game was fun. Quite a bit of side quests, mini games, and extras helped make this game retain it's level on the fun factor. It wasn't 'blasting' with fun, but it was good.What made this game slack in the fun factor was probably only the fact that it had a default battle system, but even that was customized appropriately. This game doesn't have much to take away on the fun.

A nicely done game, fairly good story, tons of side tracking features, and even secret characters. Three years of work made this game what it is today. This game was one of the most awesome I've ever played. I suggest all to atleast give it a whirl!

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