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Review: Dew Quest
By: KarrLordofChaos | Published: September 27, 2009 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


Sat down and played this game over two days. It was a big enough success that I played it right till the end. Having the battles balanced was a major step in this, though I am very tired of RPG Maker battles. The plot was even fun to which helped a lot! I knew that this was one of the early games and was very well done.

Here's my breakdown:

-Plenty of good stuff for a first RPG Maker release. I found the "sun going down" effect in the forest part of the game to be neat, as was the town entirely made up of towers.

-So many dungeons where custom made. Even if the graphics used where not the best, the game was enjoyable with having a different, non overused dungeon fell.

-I like how the game told you that you should of gotten every Bag of Chips or Chicken. This game gave me the opportunity to backtrack and search everything to find any that I missed. Sadly in my game I couldn't find the last Chicken but I managed to get everything else, and some of it was very well hidden!

-I really like how the shop was divided by items classes, separated according to what the items did or which spot they where equip-able in.-The ending was horrible. I got "the bad ending" but I'd not be surprised if the good one wasn't much different. At the very end there is a note that pops up and says that this would be fixed in a later addition yet one clearly never came.

-Only one custom sprite in the entire game and its one I wish they had just left out. The entire plot hook they should of left out, ugh!

-This game has no real mini games to speak of, but instead had several sidequests.

-The arena was a great way to make some cash and had a steep enough difficulty to disallow game-breaking funds. When I could beat it, I really needed the amount of money that it gave.

-Bags of Chips for new weapons was a nice add-on, giving me greater weapons then the shops provided but doing so sparingly so i could just blow everything into dust.

-The Chicken collection was fun. I can imagine the super weapon that it would give you, yet I never could figure out the point to the honor bonus at each chicken or point in game.

-The monsters inc. dungeons where you had to find the one item on a big field with random encounters was also good. The item was a pain to find but was still a neat concept.-I would of liked to of seen more innovation with the software.

-I tried to "get some" from a chick at the beginning of the game and it appeared to be the only instance I could effect the ending as I got the bad ending. It just didn't seam to have any relevance to the game.

-I try to break every game that I play and yet I didn't fine a single bug in this one. Everything was exactly where it should of been from a player's standpoint.

-The game is balanced, perhaps one of the best balanced games that I've played. The regular enemies can easily be killed in two turns by regular attacks - even by your mages - and the boss' you need to use more tactics which is still balanced.-The only problem I found was that I received far too much magic, and that beyond healing and a few stat boosters, I never used any of the dozens other stuff. Magic itself was plagued with being outdated before you even got some of them. I desperately needed a healing spell to cure everyone for more HP but got it last. Even the low end elemental damage spells where so entirely useless that I never used them once. The only ones I made use of where the 200 dmg wands.

-The game was enjoyable. I can always tell when a game is good because I finish it.

-I like getting overpowered weapons randomly. I was wondering around the Monsters Inc. dungeon and realized that I had two much more powerful weapons in my inventory from monster drops. The extra boost was enough to really crush everything and was rare enough that I never saw another.-The 40 level Deep Dungeon could of been better made. For such a long area it was rather boring, battle heavy, and not a whole lot of bonus besides the ultimate weapon at the end and the few bits of equip and seals.

-The game itself was a big grind fest though not like many other games I played. By the end of the game I was so tired to be forced into a battle that i should of been able to avoid (the entire last dungeon had the same enemies as those in Deep Dungeon.)

Overall I was impressed with this game. Dewquest laid much of the groundwork for other games to follow. The game took around 8 hours to play and I recommended it for those starting out. The battles alone are something even seasoned designers should check out.

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