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Review: The Adventures of Bunnywolf
By: ErikaFuzzbottom | Published: September 3, 2007 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


Once upon a time, a long-eared, sharp-toothed Bunnywolf was given a quest by the mystic Kittykicker.

A quest to hide eggs for all to find. This game is based on that story.

The game starts in a cute way, explaining how it's time for the rabbits to do their duty. The main field, while not anything real special, is nice enough to look at. And a few points the musical mood and weather changes. After the intro, though, the story lost some of its specialness. Especially once it became a regular RPG quest to save the day, although the rabbits prevent the game from losing its cuteness completely. The dungeon was rather plain as well.

Really, not much to say here. You just go about collecting eggs, and fighting a few enemies in a short quest. There really isn't much else to do.

The game as far as I could tell was in working form. Every event ran as it needed to, and there were no bugs that I could find. A few typos here and there. The battles aren't well-balanced, with enemy regular attacks causing no damage, though everything else seems to be okay. The biggest problem is that none of the items in the game are disposable, leaving you unable to trash any items you don't want, which twice wound up leading to my undoing.

The eggs on the field are kinda fun to look for, and luckily you aren't bombarded by enemies, except for one spot.Like I said, that one enemy-filled spot is kinda annoying, but not a big deal. The eggs in the dungeon aren't nearly as fun to look for as the ones on the field. Being unable to trash items will annoy you.

To be fair, The Adventures of Bunnywolf was thought up and created right at Easter-time, so it's understandable that the game seems unrefined in places. The game isn't anything special, though, so it's hard to recommend unless you either like those bunny creatures RPGM3 has or want to spend some time finding a few eggs in a large field. Whether it's worth playing after it turns into a quest is your decision.

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