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Review: Record of Lodoss War
By: doyleman | Published: September 3, 2007 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


RPG Maker 3 has been out for some month and a half now, and
already people are releasing demos, some even giving out full games!
While the game listings are still low, it is rising at a fast rate (or compared to RPGM2). Here is one of those demos, made by Eclipse Studios, and from what I hear, it's based off of an anime series? Anyway, here is the review of Record of Lodoss War.

Story: An army of Valis, who is the supreme god of light, fought with the army of Vlaris, who is,
as you've probably guessed, the supreme god of darkness. During the ending of the war, both sides
were left with one surviver: Marfa, goddess of creation; and Kardis, god of destruction. They ended
up destroying each other in a fight to the death, and before Kardis died, she cursed the land, while before
Marfa died, she seperated the land that was cursed into it's own little isle; Lodoss, the Accursed Isle; from the continent of Alecrast.

The intro was nice, it was to the point, and the constant changing of the
background helped set the mood. Other than that, nothing unordinary.While the background image was changing, some made it hard to read
on what was going on at the moment. Also, there was a 'pinacle' sitting in the
middle of the land; not attractive.

This game comes packing with a town, a map, and a dungeon to explore,
which isn't a whole lot. The town does have a nice setting and a decent amount
of houses however.
This demo didn't really show off a whole lot. And when I say that, I
really mean it. It doesn't have a whole lot to run off of. Just an intro,
a field, some houses, and a cave. Not alot for a demo.

A nice thing in RPG Maker 3 is the fact that debugging isn't a chore
anymore! Well, it still happens here and there I'm sure, but this game didn't
show that. No bugs I could find what so ever.I had to find something to put here, so I'll go with the closest thing
possible; which is 'forest' is spelled 'forrest' in the game. Other than
that, it's a bug free game!

I'd like to have something to put in here, but this 'demo' didn't
have a whole lot to run off of. It had nothing really after the intro.
Ok, wow, this is the downfall right here. Out of the blue, an old guy
comes telling you to go see the mayor, and that the mayor specifically
wants to talk to you during a storm, and why? To find some one who
got lost in a cave. Who goes out cave exploring in the midst of a storm?
Also, this demo barely shows anything. You have the intro, and some areas
to explore. Also, the enemies were so tough that in order for myself to even
enter the cave, I had to go in and edit the stats to a lower standard. Imagine
fighting 3 enemies with twice your HP, Strength, Defense, and Speed! Not
good at all...

I'd say that this demo could have used a tad more inspecting in the
enemy stat department, and maybe some more story to it. Not
that impressive so far, but I'm hoping it can pull itself up, as the story
was a fairly decent one, or so it seemed in the intro.

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