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Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess HD [TriForceVS]
Part 25 of 25
Ganon is a dik... also FINALE HYPE!

Hello one and all, and Welcome to TriforceVS!
This is a race of a brand new game: Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U between MajorasAura, MidiGuyDP, and kman2495. There are some rules we are going to abide by and if you want to race along then you have to abide by them aswell!

-No amiibo scanning unless Tail Whipped (or bonus episode)
-Targetted Lifelines, One lifeline use per person per opponent
-Use raw footage, no editting.
-Pick a team at the very start of the series, Aura Spheres, Midiphiles, or the K-men. If a lifeline is used against your team you have to suffer it as well!
-Put the link to each episode in the comments section below and do not prerecord them in case of Lifelines. Commentary is not required but it would be nice!
-Lastly.. Have fun!

-Death to the Hero - Get Game Over
-Item Lock - Choose one item, that item cannot be used for 5 minutes
-Consume All - Use all Slingshot Seeds, Lantern Oil, bottled items, Bombs, and Arrows
-Flip Controller - Flip controller upside down for 5 minutes
-Tail Whip - Ganondorf used Tail Whip, Link's Defense fell (scan the Ganondorf amiibo)
-Reflect - A lifeline used on you gets used on the person you choose instead.

1: Turn into a Wolf
2: Enter Forest Temple
3: Beat Forest Temple
4: Eldin Tears
5: Enter Goron Mines
6: Goron Mines
7: Free the Zoras
8: Lanayru Tears
9: Enter Lakebed Temple
10: Lakebed Temple
11: Master Sword
12: Enter Arbiter's Grounds
13: Arbiter's Grounds
14: Enter Snowpeak Ruins
15: Snowpeak Ruins
16: Enter Temple of Time
17: Temple of Time
18: Restore Ilia's Memory
19: Enter The City In The Sky
20: The City In The Sky
21: Palace of Twlight
22: Hyrule Castle
23: Final Battle and Credits

Editted by: MajorasAura
Name Published
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The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess HD [TFVS Trailer]2016/3/18 11:36 pm
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