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Review: Legend of Zelda: Link's Adventure, The
By: doyleman | Published: April 10, 2008 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


At the beginning of RPG Maker's 2 debut, many people were toying with it, hoping they could find some way to get over the, well, really crappy menu system and battle system. Since that time, it has happened numerous times, and in various ways. One of the earlier ones was the Action Battle system, and was displayed in a game called Zelda: Link's Adventure.

Created by neonash/Brock Nash; this game featured many many impressive things that inspired others that there are good things to look into RPG Maker 2, if you know how (myself being one of them).

Story: Pretty basic actually; monsters are being created mysteriously, and it is yours (Link's) job to stop it.

This game shows nice use of the map editor and object placement. And the towns seem to be populated with the right amount of villagers. The beginning dungeons were nicely made, but the farther and farther I played, they seemed to be 'slopped' together. As I mentioned, gradual degrading on the dungeons looks, and the somewhat bothersome pause after attacking.

Let me say wow, as this deserved it. This game started with a Action Battle System, and over time, more and more things grew on it, such as: 9 Dungeons, many various tools and weapons to help you on your quest, two player co-op, and two player versus.

If you should ever beat the nine dungeons (which is harder than it seems), then you have the co op and versus to do to unlock more weapons for campaign mode! Do note that you have to work hard to unlocking them, but the secret items are well worth it. There is only one negative side in this category; and that is Link talks. It has been tradition that Link is a mute, to say, and by breaking it, it kinda put the game down, but not by much.

Everyone knows that structures of games made on RPG Maker two is a very difficult task, but this game showed minimal bugs. Nicely put together, and no serious bugs that stopped you from playing, or atleast not from my run through. There really was only one bug that I came across, and that was the switch sound effect that I'd hear after attacking an enemy every so often.

A Zelda game, featuring a Action Battle System, and nine challenging dungeons, with extras! What more can you ask for? If you noticed that I mentioned 'challenging', I really cannot stress that. This game is insanely difficult, in terms of puzzles. After you get past the first dungeon, they seem to get better (isn't it suppose to work in reverse?). And lastly, the lack of direction that this game takes makes it a chore finding where to go. Even though clues are given, and a guide does give pointers where to go, not many people would suspect of talking/examining the objects the contain the clues. This is about the worst in this game, and it isn't all THAT bad, the map is relatively small, so navigating isn't a hassle.

A RPG Maker 2 game displaying how you can overcome some of the system's built-in features, and puts it to good display. Great game for anyone who likes Zelda games, and puzzles, this is a definate game to try. A job well done to Brock for constructing a marvelous game.

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