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Review: Under World 2
By: MRevelle83 | Published: September 3, 2007 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


Classic plot, classic gameplay, classic sound, is it me, or do people throw that word around a lot? Perhaps it was in anticipation of a game they weren't even aware of? I was- that game is the sequel to a game I've never even played. In the words of a famous movie critic- this was something I was always waiting for, but just didn't know it. Under World 2 starts off with a hero, Daron, on a hike. He fights knolls to help a nearby town of Niir.

A friend named Shane is killed by them. And his adventure for answers start off from there. Got your attention yet? That's the beauty: the game grabs you despite what appears on the outside as an overly simple plot. It's the gameplay and elasticity of the plot itself (through NPC interaction) that turn this game into the, dare I say it, "classic". An unknown game called Under World 2 has just come blazing into our lives, and as the way it looks, our hearts. Or at least mine. (I think I may have layed it on a bit thick, don't you think?)

What makes this game is a blend of old school plot, graphics, and sound effects- but not in a bad way in any sense of the word. The music is perhaps what gives it the most old-school atmosphere. In many ways, this game was better than most of the new commercial games I've played in a long while! The 'classic plot' may be a little too classic for some people (and by classic, I also mean simple). Besides a few Viagra jokes and music from commercial games (such as Final Fantasy Tactics), there was nothing else that detracted from the overall experience. However, the jokes were funny, and music from commercial games in midi form is common among amateur game-making engines. Nothing I see a problem with.

There are many unique aspects about this game, all of them good. Certainly there are such things as hidden items (which seem like quests in themselves), and just that alone adds a long shelf life to this game. But even more impressive is the game's unique level up system. When you do, you spend experience on crystals that lay in a dreamland-like landscape. Very nice, and I liked it more than the experience system of all recent commercial RPGs I've played. There is even a social system, where people you talk to treat you differently in many ways, depending on how you act and react to them. This feature alone is reminiscent of an old game called Rings of Power I played long ago. Just increases that "old-school" feel. And lets not forget to mention: the power of shape-changing! This is self-explanatory, my friends. Nothing bad I have to say about the features. Nothing bad at all!

All that which makes this game stand out from the rest is executed with precision. In other words, it all seems to work fine to me. Periods of lag, misspellings, and even a few times the text boxes cut off some words that are spoken, plague the game quite regularly. Not so regularly that you will want to quit the game, but nonetheless they exist and you will notice. There are also a few times the game froze on me, which may be due to my computer and not the game. I was still able to get past it, and the game still rocked.

In the end, you will be saying "who cares about any glitches?". You know why? 'Cause this game kicks major (rear end). Nothing but good RPG fun to be had here. When a game remains great in the face of glitches, you know there is something special there. Negative. Hah, this game laughs in the face of a negative section in Fun!

I may sound like I was trying to win a Pulitzer in the beginning, but I hope now you will see my point. Under World 2 seems to have a great shot in becoming a classic; its just a shame it will always be known as an amateur game. This game is deserving of having a seat next to Zelda, with a $49.99 price tag on it. I'd buy it- its worth more than that.

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