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Review: Forgotten Isle
By: doyleman | Published: September 3, 2007 22:00 pm | RPG Maker


What do you get when you mix an original RPG with some FFVI here and there? Simple, a game called Forgotten Isle, that's what!

Although I've never played FFVI, I could tell this had some elements in it (pretty obvious actually, clocks and elixers apparently are in FFVI, and there were the traditional items such as elixers and pheonix downs in this game). While the game has some originality in it, and some small things from the Fantasy series, is it worth taking a dive into still? Here's my review of Forgotten Isle, from Alutra.

I realize how hard it is to make scenes in RPGM3, as there is little to none capabilities, but this game takes advantage of what there is without using the infamous 'storytellers'. The game itself was displayed nicely, from maps to characters, and their dialogue.To be honest, the only downfall in display and presentation portrayed in this game was that the hills (which got fairly steep) sometimes bothered your view on where to go.

As I've said in the introduction, this game features some classical Final Fantasy items.Now I will say, for some people, the item hijacking may be good, but for me, I look for originallity, and the items count. Also, it features some of the weirdest quests. The game starts you off looking for a ingredient for your girlfriend/wife's favorite dish. Why I must go into danger to satisfying a girl is beyond me, but that's life.

There were a few minor spelling errors here and there, nothing worth getting pushy over. As I'm sure you all know, it's fairly easy to make sure your RPGM3 games are bug free. Also, this game had very good enemy stat matchups compared to your own. The enemies were tough when needed be, and were not simple, nor hard, when needed be. Excellent enemy stat arrangements.I can't really say I had any actual problems with the game bug-wise. Simply put, this game is stable in that there weren't any pests (bugs) to stop you.

Okay, the fun factor scale for this game is present, although I can't say there was alot. The game's environments made it worth playing, but I can't say it really was fun.This game is one of those games that seem to get you lost and side tracked so that you forget your main mission. I had trouble remembering where to go after the first 20 minutes because no one made any real sense. You start by picking up a truffle, then some king wants to see you, then you have to find some lady, she gives you a key for some wizard, and they say you follow a trail to get to the wizard. Well, I've followed a trail, but I don't think it was the right one as I ended up in a awkward mountainous/lake region with a grave memorial of some sort that was almost like nails in a chalk board.

How? Well, it has 7 or 8 doors to pick out of, and all of which go into a maze of some sort. I will state clearly that mazes were for those little books that you buy to use for road trips, not games anymore. This particular field is what shatters the game I believe.

Had this game had more direction and a tad more of a linear styled layout, this game would have been better. Despite the downfalls, this game is worth atleast a shot, as it has some of the most beautiful maps I ever seen from RPGM3.

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