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The Top 70 Boss Music of Ixzion's Soul - #20-11
By: Ixzion | Published: February 12, 2015 13:32 pm | Gaming


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This continues the article series on my Top 70! Here's a small recap of what I'm doing:
Ixzion wrote:
I decided that each game may only have 1 song. This is because RPGs often have more than one boss theme.

In ordering, I started with my top 70 and said to myself "If I wanted to make a top 10, which of these could never be out of the top 10?" and kept going down by 10s until the list was completed.

Let's go!

Resident Evil 2 – The Second Malformation of G (Birkin Battle #2)

William Birkin, the unfortunate Umbrella scientist, continues to transform and then confronts you on a confined train platform. Tensions running high, for real.

Sonic & Knuckles - The Doomsday Zone

As Super Sonic, you mount a high-speed, high-altitude (and high-attitude) rushdown of Robotnik, who's taken the Master Emerald and ran off in one final, desparate chance to change the tides against Sonic. Ain't hap'nin'.

Final Fantasy IX – Boss

I love this one. It's an awesome boss tune. Very serious, very foreboding. Just what a boss theme needs.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest – Boss Bossanova (Boss)

This was a tough choice because Crocodile Cacophony (K. Rool) is in this game. But...I've always fancied this over the equally-good final boss theme. That said, listen for yourself. This has epic pirate battle written all over it.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – Battle Against an Armed Boss

Another agonizing choice. All of the boss themes in Mario RPG are legendary. I went with Battle Against an Armed Boss because it was playing when fighting against Bowyer and I always look forward to it the most on my playthroughs. The beat really gets you into what you're doing.

Chrono Trigger – Battle with Magus

Finally, Lantis can quell his building nerd rage over where Chrono Trigger ("the best game ever made") was gonna end up on the list. Slow build-up into a roaring battle session, this song is the best boss theme in CT. It made weathering Magus dark hax attacks worth it.

Metroid: Other M - Ridley

While the game is quite sparse when it comes to its music, the best they saved for series' badboy Ridley. This is easily one of the most epic versions of the theme I've ever heard. Oh yeah, there's a giant space dragon that needs to be killed. Excuse me.

Star Ocean: The Second Story – Dynamite (Boss)

From the second I heard this, I was ALL OVER IT. The drums, the beat, the energy, the tension! YES!

The Revenge of Shinobi – Terrible Beat (Boss)

Far from its name, this kicks so much ass I can't explain it in words. This is ninjas kicking ass. That's it.

Super Mario Brothers 3 – The Evil King Koopa (Bowser Theme)

This one is in my heart forever. Mario 3 was the first Mario game I owned and also the first one I ever beat. After struggling through all 8 worlds (I never knew about warp whistles until later), I made it to the final confrontation with the king of evil. I was in complete awe. It still gives me chills today.


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