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Publishing System Improvement online! + more
By: Ixzion | Published: April 27, 2014 13:13 pm | Site News



Part of RPGMM v6.1.1 "MiniTofu"
Let's Play System Improvements

This has been surprisingly involved, but I have changed the site over to use a publishing system like YouTube. All content on the site is now organized by its publishing date (the moment you hit Publish the first time) instead of its creation date.

Users may stockpile various amounts of articles, LPsodes and RPG Maker content on the site and publish it with a simple click of the Publish checkbox (or publising via the traditional "Manage Page" method), letting you work at your own pace and allowing your work to hit the site when YOU want it to.

But that's not all the changes to the Mag! More details and other things after the jump.

How Publishing Works for Content
There are two states work exists in now when you make a new item on the site: Created and Published.

The Created date is actually the date you made the item. You, as the content creator, are the only one who sees this. This simply for your personal reference. No one else can see it at this point. If you have any content that says "Created: XXXX", that means it hasn't been published.

The Publish date is the date that you FIRST hit the Publish command. You can not change this date after the first time you do it, so make sure you WANT to publish your item. You can, however, unpublish it to hide it like you always have.

Profile Changes Related to Publishing
If you are viewing your Profile, you will see all of your items in the order that you added them to the site. If someone else is viewing your profile, they will only see the content that you have published, in the order than you have published it. This makes it easier to work with your content and publish it in order.

Newest User Content Change
You will notice that the Newest User Content section on the right is now more varied. I have changed this so that there is a more even spread of content makers on the front page now. There will always be 10 different people on this list at any given time.

Content Items Per Page Change
I have also decided that for all Magazine-related content, to decrease the paginated results from 20 to 10. This has been decreased in the following areas: Index, Magazine, LP/RM Vault Index pages. This will save on load time, certainly.

Thanks and Comments
Thanks go out to Lantis and Fayorei for helping with this update with testing. It is appreciated.

What do you guys think?

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Comments (2)
April 30, 2014 06:49 am


MRevelle83 wrote:
Thumbs up all around!

Thanks for the compliment. I have another thing I'm working on in the pipeline. Another 6.1.1 update. I'll probably make it a new post.
April 29, 2014 04:22 am


Thumbs up all around!
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