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Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Part 45 of 45
Can we take out Darksol before he revives Dark Dragon? I'd be impressed.

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Name Published
» Shining Force "Season 2" #12 FINALE2017/10/11 10:44 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #112017/10/11 10:43 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #102017/10/11 10:41 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #92017/10/11 10:37 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #82017/9/26 08:08 pm
Shining Force "Season 2" #72017/5/1 08:57 pm
Shining Force "Season 2" #62017/4/29 10:55 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #52017/4/29 10:53 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #42017/4/29 10:51 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #32017/4/29 10:50 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #22017/4/15 09:18 am
Shining Force "Season 2" #12017/4/15 09:14 am
Ep33: Intrigue Part 2 - Doorway to the Shining Path (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/5/17 02:19 pm
Ep32: Intrigue Part 1 - The Hole in the Water (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/5/15 01:17 pm
Ep31: Monsters off the Port Bow! (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/5/10 01:04 pm
Ep30: Finally! A Ship! (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/5/9 01:07 pm
Ep29: Uranbatol's Welcoming Committee (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/4/26 04:35 pm
Ep28: Promotion (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/4/21 12:45 pm
Ep27: The Moving Town Returns (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/4/18 04:24 pm
Ep26: The Friend of My Enemy is My Enemy (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/4/13 12:53 pm
Ep25: The Moving Town (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/4/9 12:44 pm
Ep24: Eye See You (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/4/6 07:10 pm
Ep23: Flight of Fancypants Dodging (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/4/3 04:35 pm
Ep22: Hungry Like the Wolf (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/30 11:37 am
Ep21: Humans Need Wings (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/25 10:18 am
Ep20: Twelve's a Crowd (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/22 12:06 pm
Ep19: Two's Company... (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/16 04:45 pm
Ep18: Men at Work (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/13 03:38 pm
Ep17: Shadey Shade Abbey (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/9 02:28 pm
Ep16: The Star of the Show (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/5 01:30 pm
Ep15: The Puppet Show (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/3/1 07:30 pm
Ep14: Enter the Pool of the Ancients (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/2/23 07:42 pm
Ep13: Humans Should Be Animals (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/2/15 12:59 pm
Ep12: Welcome to Manarina (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/2/14 12:20 pm
Ep11: The Road to Manarina (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/2/12 09:11 am
Ep10: Pitstop at Rindo (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/2/10 11:06 am
Ep9: Behind the Waterfall (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/2/9 12:55 pm
Ep8: Battle for Alterone (Let's Play "Shining Force" Blind)2017/2/8 09:02 am
Ep7: Happy Alterone (Let's Play "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" Blind)2017/1/29 05:26 pm
Ep6: Aggregating Aggro (Let's Play "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" Blind)2017/1/26 11:34 am
Ep5: Aggravating Aggro (Let's Play "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" Blind)2017/1/25 09:44 am
Ep4: Kane of Runefaust (Let's Play "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" Blind)2017/1/18 10:04 am
Ep3: The Advancing Army (Let's Play "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" Blind)2017/1/11 08:39 am
Ep2: Gate of the Ancients (Let's Play "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" Blind)2017/1/4 12:08 pm
Ep1: Opening (Let's Play "Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention" Blind)2017/1/4 11:38 am
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March 16, 2017 08:28 pm


Shining Force 1&2 are two of the best games on Genesis. Glad to see it getting some screen time.
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